What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

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Happy Tuesday Friends! Surprisingly one of the most common questions I get is what do I wear to ____ event. Usually it is a wedding or a party that you know you need to be a little more dressed up for.

Winter, Dec – February in particular, is one of the hardest times for me to want to dress up. I don’t know if it’s the cold, the the thought of having to pick an outfit and a jacket, or knowing that I should wear closed toed shoes.

What I do know is that this look is the best of winter fashion all rolled into one.

With the exception of black tie events and weddings, a simple two piece set or look is generally an easy way to go. Not to mention with higher waists and midis making a huge comeback this is a way be chic, gorgeous, and confident for whatever event your calendar throws your way.

Midi skirts are everywhere so for your next wedding or big holiday party look for one of these! I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone like I did and try it with a cropped sweater or top. You will find that the thicker and higher waist band paired with the longer length will be much for forgiving than most skirts.

This pink velvet pleated skirt is something out of my dreams! I loved how fun and flirty it felt styled like this but it would be great dressed up with a sequins top, a turtle neck, or worn with a satin or lace top just for a little more classic look. Just throw on a pair of heels, grab a clutch and your favorite lip, and you are good to go!

Side note : most people see pink as a strictly early fall, summer, and winter color but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you pair pink with your more traditional fall and winter fabrics – velvet, fur, leather it will fit right in with your winter wardrobe!

Do you have any winter weddings or events coming up?! 💕


Collaboration Over Competition + Instagram Giveaway


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One of the things that is closest to my heart is Collaboration over Competition. Not only as a blogger but as women we are constantly thinking to ourselves “am I good enough”. Thoughts like this poison our minds against ourselves and social media does not help.

It is so hard not to look at people on Instagram + Facebook and think “I am not good enough”, “she is way prettier”, “why can’t I look like that”. It is also easy as a blogger to want to do better or get more sponsored posts or whatever compared to other bloggers. To be honest this was my main fear when I started blogger. I was so scared for the mean comments, the inevitable competition, and the constant criticism of myself.

Then I met some pretty amazing ladies through Instagram. They taught me that collaboration and friendship is so much better and so much more fun than competing and comparing. I also realized that we all have our own style, our own personality, and at the end of the day its OK that we are walking a different path with different collabs, and different followers.

So I was so excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with two of my favorite bloggers who have turned favorite friends – Abi from Abigail Says and Courtney from Life of a Medschool Wife. We are also partnering with some amazing boutiques who believe the same to host a huge GIVEAWAY! Head to my Instagram to enter to win the following items:

  1. 2 pairs of Sugar Fix Earrings
  2. A $50 Gift card to shop at Mode (They have brands like Free People)
  3. A $50 Gift card to shop at Pink Petal Boutique (Grey sweater from this post is from there)
  4. A $50 Gift card to shop at The Blush Boutique (My fav jeans came from here!)

Click here to enter the giveaway!  

Thank you all for reading and for supporting me and my journey. It is always tough to remember and even tougher to do but this week try telling yourself how amazing you are instead of comparing yourself to others 🙂

My Favorite Chunky Sweater

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Happy Thursday! We are almost done with the work week. (well some people are 😉) I have been so MIA this week! BC Clark is having its annual customer holiday parties this week so I have been there until 9 or so every night this week. Tonight is the last one and it’s going to be so fun!

I did want to hop on here and share with y’all this cozy pink sweater. I got it at H&M on Black Friday and I am really in love. I usually don’t have high hopes for sweaters that are under $30 but I was shocked to find this one. It’s so well made, I love the color, and how fun is the cowl neck and bell sleeves?

I wore this look over the weekend for a birthday dinner and to shop and it was perfect. I kept plenty warm and the cropped jeans looked too cute with it to pass up. This exact sweater comes in a few colors like cream and black and is the best for winter.

I also have worn this sweater with my suede zip up skirt and my leather skirt and I love it just as much with that. If there is one thing your closet needs this year it’s this!!

I will be back to my regular posting schedule next week! Thank you all for being so patient and understanding!


My weekend + Christmas Movie Obsession

Happy Monday! Today’s post is a little different than normal. I wanted to share a little of my weekend with you all.

Yesterday, I shot some amazing looks for you guys for the next couple of weeks and I am so excited about them. I also had an amazing 3 year anniversary dinner with Russ, watched the OU game (BOOMER) and hung out with my mom!

Here’s why I wanted to share my weekend – it was full of much needed relaxation. I think it’s so easy to get caught in everything going on that you don’t let yourself just be. I’ve been running not stop these past few weeks so I felt like I just needed this. Do you ever feel that way?!

My weekend was full of laying in bed and watching Christmas movies. Saturday, Mom and I spent most of the day watching Christmas movies – seriously one of my fav things! Then Sunday I spent half the day curled up, drinking chia tea and watching every cheesy movie I could find.

I have a thing for cheesy (and predictable) movies and books. I don’t know why but something about a guaranteed happy ending gets me hooked. I can’t count the number of romantic books and movies like this I’ve watched but I have to say I love it!

Every year, I hunt these downs on all TV/movie platforms. Here are 4 MUST watch Romantic Christmas movies that totally topped last years list!

1. White Christmas: This movie is such a classic. I’ve watched it so many times I have every word memories and I never get tired of it!

2. A Christmas Prince: this is a new Netflix original and although it’s super cheesy it was so cute!! Totally reminds me of a Hallmark movie!

3. Merry Kissmas – Also on Netflix. Y’all the title alone almost turned me off but I decided to go for it and I was in love. The story was great and I loved the characters, especially the two main characters!

4. Falling for Christmas: I found this on Amazon Prime today. It’s about a figure skater who goes to a small snowy town and it really was so cute and different than most of the Christmas movies. All are cheesy but this was definitely a love story out of a book!

Well that’s all I have for today! Do you all have any other must watch movies or books for the holiday season?!

Grey Slouchy Sweater


Shop: Sweater (Wearing a Small)// Purse // Jeans // Black Velvet Booties -Under $30

Are you guys tired of seeing grey sweaters yet? If you follow me on insta like 5 of my last 8 posts have grey. I’m seriously so in love with the color. I think my friends + fam think it’s weird but🤷🏽‍♀️

This oversized slouchy sweater is the absolute softest thing I’ve ever worn. I have been living in it. Although I absolutely love it with jeans like I’ve styled here I am loving it over tight dresses and with my spanks faux leather Moto Leggings. Adding it with leggings and tennis shoes makes for the perfect Saturday errand look but throw on a pair of heels and you are ready for date night. You can’t go wrong with oversized sweaters and this one comes in a gorgeous dusty pink color too under $50!

On a completely unrelated note, I want to hear from you on the types of holiday posts you are wanting to see! This blog is meant to be helpful to you so if you have any ideas send them my way! I’ve had requests for cute and easy wrapping, ribbon, and label ideas so I am going to work on that over the weekend. IF you have more ideas, an easy ways to get ahold of me is by DM on Instagram (@thefinishingtouchblog_) or send me an email at thefinishingtouchok@gmail.com

Planning a fun Friday favorites post for tomorrow so check back 🙂

Holiday Party Look

red and leather 4red and jeans 2red and jeans 7

Y’all I am 100% obsessed with this velvet and lace top from Free People. I’ve already found an excuse to wear it to two events and I have plans for so many more (haha).

It is a gorgeous top with such beautiful details and the color! Red has always been one of my favorite colors but I’ve really started loving it on clothes. If red isn’t your thing don’t worry it comes in a really pretty mustard and in black! Perfect for any occasion.

red and jeans 6red and jeans 3red and jeans 1

My primary goal with tops that are over $40 dollars is to find more than one way to wear them. With this top it was easy. The first way is a casual look with jeans and boots. This look is great for more casual get together such as friends Christmas, home holiday parties, and casual dinners.

red and leather 7red and leather 5red and leather 8

Shop: Skirt (3 colors – I sized up) // Top // Jeans // Boots // Black Velvet Booties -Under $30

The second look is a little more dressy and a little more fun. The leather skirt creates an edge to the soft velvet and lace details of the top. This look would be great for Work Christmas lunch/parties, New Year’s Eve, and Christmas Eve/Day outfits.

You really can’t go wrong with either look! If you want more ideas and ways to wear it leave me a comment below and I will give you a few more ideas 🙂 See you back here tomorrow!

Velvet Off The Shoulder Dress


Two of my favorite styles combined in one dress – velvet & off the shoulder. Needless to say, I was excited to find this dress at The Pink Petal Boutique. I think this dress would be great for holiday parties, especially if it is a warmer night.

I love the idea of velvet for holiday parties, you will be seeing another velvet party combo later this week. This pink dress is so pretty and feminine. It is beautiful with nude and camel and the pumps definitely dress it up but it would be equally as cute with a pair of sock booties and a sparkly blazer for a more glam NYE look.


Shop: Dress ($40 – size down) // Heels // My peacoat – last years (tons of colors but no longer available in this color) // Similar Pea Coat (SALE  – Under $50)  // Clutch 

Although I love seeing bloggers wear and style dresses, I don’t think there enough posts showing practical ways to wear dresses in the winter. I mean come on, how often do you get ready for a Nov. or Dec. holiday party and it is beautiful and warm enough outside for a short dress? I don’t know about you but usually, it is so cold out I can’t even think of wearing a dress without a big bulky jacket? Pea Coats and faux fur coats are a great way to stay warm without ruining the dressed up vibe of your dress.

I have a serious love affair with the Pink Petal Boutique so beware more looks from them are coming! I want to know – how to you warm up dresses for the winter?



Pre Black Friday Sale Picks

I am so excited about all of the sales coming up this weekend that I started my shopping early. Here are a few of the early Black Friday releases that I have already order or are currently in my cart! To shop just click on the individual product images below. Looking for anything special? Comment below and I will help you find it!
Pre Black Friday Sale

5 Things I am Thankful for + His & Her Thanksgiving Style


Family Pic 1Family Pic 3Family Pic 11Family Pic 10When I sat down to write this post, I totally felt like I was back in 1st grade with a Thanksgiving worksheet but I sort of loved it! It’s amazing to just sit down and think about just how many amazing things I have in my life right now. I promised I wanted to get more personal with you all so here it is!

What I am thankful for:

  1. My beautiful and mighty God who constantly blesses my life in more ways than I can even realize.
  2. My family. I have the most amazing family in the entire world. I have blessed that my parents double as my best friends. They are patient, kind, and show me more love then I could ever imagine yet they are fun and outgoing. Not a day goes by that I am not extremely thankful to have them in my life. I am also incredibly grateful to have the best-extended family. They have turned into the best friends and role models I could ever ask for.
  3. Russel. There are no words to describe what this man means to me! He is one of the best gifts God could ever give me. I am so thankful he puts up with my competitiveness, my talkativeness, and yes even my nosiness when we eat out at restaurants 😉 In my defense, some people have the oddest convos haha.
  4. My pup – Bree. That little fur ball can put the absolute biggest smile on my face! She has so much personality and it is so fun to watch.
  5. My friends and you all! You all are truly inspiring and keep me going! I am grateful to my friends who encourage me and push me outside of my comfort zone and to you all who uplift me and keep my little corner of the internet going.

His + Her Thanksgiving Style

MeRuss & I 14Russ & I 6Russ & 9

My look: Scarf // Jeans // Boots // Sweater (Old – Similar linked – On Sale $19.99)

R’s look: Boots // Black Jeans // Button Down // Jacket


Now for a little Thanksgiving day Style. Russ and I are celebrating our  “official” three year anniversary this weekend so I thought it would be fun to include him in this post. I mentioned it above but I am truly so grateful for all he does for me! Especially that he is not only my biggest supporter & blog photographer but that he is also willing to occasionally jump in the post and I even get great pictures out of it!

For Thanksgiving, we put together a pretty simple look. Mine is just a sweater and my favorite blanket scarf. This is the perfect casual thanksgiving look yet it is so cute and leaves wiggle room for that extra piece of pie ;). R’s look is a simple grey button down and his “dressier” pea coat. It helped to “warm up” his button down and “dressed” it up a bit. Between the jacket and his boot, this look is perfect for the cool Thanksgiving day weather.

I hope you all have the best Thanksgivings! I would love to hear what you all are thankful for right now 🙂

P.S. I will be back tomorrow with a ton of Black Friday specials so be sure to check back!

Street Style & Gifts that keep giving

Brown Jacket 7.jpgBrown Jacket 10.jpgBrown Jacket 9.jpgBrown Jacket 14.jpg
Shop: My peacoat – last years (tons of colors but no longer available in this color) // Similar Pea Coat (SALE  – Under $50) // Jeans // Sweater // Sunnies (DIFF – Daisy)
Hi friends! I know I have posted a lot of gift guides lately but I wanted to talk to you a little bit about gift giving on a much larger scale. Charitable companies and initiatives are very close to my heart. I am a huge participant in charitable initiatives throughout my community. I am currently serving on the leadership council for two amazing charities including our Regional Food Bank who helps people all over Oklahoma that are struggling with food insecurities. I also am a volunteer at the Homeless Alliance and I tutor/mentor an amazing little girl at a local intercity school. We have been together for the last two years and seeing her is always the best part of my week!
So it is no surprise that children and struggling families are very close to my heart. This time of year I always find new ways to give back, especially through gifting. It is amazing to me that there are companies who do the same. Not only do I work for one of the best and most giving companies in Oklahoma but my blog has also allowed me to work with many who do the same! One of these companies (and probably my favorite) is Diff Eyewear. Did you know that for every pair of sunglasses you purchase, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need? How amazing is it that one small purchase can do so much good?
SUNNIES 2.jpgBrown Jacket 1.jpgBrown Jacket 8.jpgBrown Jacket 13.jpgBrown Jacket 12.jpg
I have loved Diff’s sunglasses since the first time I tried a pair on, so when they approached me about sharing in their mission this holiday season I was overly excited!  I knew this look was the one to go with this post. This look is one of my favorites for the fall. It is so simple but it gives me all the vibes of New York City. Who knew that a plain grey sweater, distressed jeans, and a simple camel peacoat could turn into one of my favorite posts?! The new “Daisy” round framed sunglasses were the perfect added accessory (not to mention I love gunmetal). Adding three neutrals together might seem like a bit much, but I think it is the perfect take on sophisticated and stylish!
This year, I am going to try to give a lot of gifts “that keep on giving” to those in our community and I encourage you to do the same! Do you know of any other amazing brands that do this type of thing? I would love to hear!
P.S. If you love Diff as much as I do they are having amazing sales this black Friday including up to 50% off! Be sure to check it and my Instagram out for more details!
(Thank you to Diff for giving me these sunglasses – this post was not sponsored by Diff Eyewear)

XO - Courtney B.