Favorite Fall Pattern & Colors

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Happy Thursday all,

If you have followed along with last week’s post, you probably noticed I did a couple of posts out of my norm. I always try to be open and honest with you all, but after talking to a few of you, I really want to open up and have you all get to know me on a deeper level. Putting my life – all of it- on social media has never really been my thing but I want you all to feel comfortable doing the same with me! I will be trying to spice up the blog’s content more often with topics outside of fashion, so if you have any ideas shoot them my way!

Today, I wanted to show you all one of my favorite “dressed up” fall looks. I have been wearing this look to church, work, and date nights lately. The skirt is a gorgeous blue/grey color and I am obsessed with this shirt and its pattern! I picked this look up at loft a couple of weekends ago and I have already created a few fun ways to mix up these pieces.

I am so excited to wear this skirt with sweaters, so I bought it in my regular size. I will say it is a little long and runs a little big. I definitely could have gone down a size or even moved to my regular size but in a petite.

This top runs true to size and the colors are gorgeous. If you don’t wear florals in fall, I definitely suggest that you break out of your comfort zone and try this top. It layers great and the back is a t shirt material so it won’t cling when you throw on a jacket or sweater.

Are there any colors or patterns you stay away from in fall? Are there any you want to know how to style? Shoot me a message, I would love to work it in my posting schedule for the next couple of weeks!

XO - Courtney B.



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