Ways to Wear: Flannel

Processed with Rookie CamFlannel // Levi Jeans // Light Grey Booties // Fall StyleFlannel // Levi Jeans // Light Grey Booties // Fall StyleFlannel // Levi Jeans // Light Grey Booties // Fall StyleFlannel // Levi Jeans // Light Grey Booties // Fall StyleFlannel // Levi Jeans // Light Grey Booties // Fall StyleFlannel // Levi Jeans // Light Grey Booties // Fall Style

Shop: Flannel // Jeans // Booties (super similar – exact are from a local boutique) // Bag (Old but similar RM here and here)

It is week 3 of my mini series “Ways to Wear” today I am talking about one of my personal favorites, Flannels. I love flannels but until the past couple of years I didn’t wear them except for college themed date parties or over-sized ones to run to class. They have become so popular, I see them eventually taking over my closet.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find flannels tricky to wear. It is so hard for me to find ones that are not only soft and have great colors, but that flatter my body. I do not mind them being really long or over-sized but I have found that for me, I want a happy medium. Typically, If I know I will be taking a picture, I won’t wear flannels in the traditional buttoned up way. I have always felt they make me lose my shape and tend to make my bust look even larger. So, I have been working them into my wardrobe by tying them at the bottom, tucking them in with jeans and skirts, and tied around my waist with dresses and shorts.

This flannel was the exception. It is from Forever 21 and is the perfect fit and shape. It has a rounded bottom but is not to long and it is so soft. I also found it to stay true to my shape and be the perfect amount of over-sized. With blush being so popular, I knew I needed it.

With so many great ways to wear a flannel, I thought I would round up a few of my favorites for you below. For those of you who messaged and commented saying you loved the “Ways to Wear” themed Pinterest boards I have created a new one here!

  1. Tied Around your waist – this is perfect with jeans, jean skirts, and dresses for fall!
  2. Tucked in with bootcut or flare jeans – I love my boot cut jeans, I feel that they can dress up your outfit a bit. Try tucking in your flannel with these type of jeans and add a belt for a chic fall look!
  3. Dressed Up with a tulle or pleated midi skirt – this is the perfect way to dress up a flannel for fall and holiday events and pictures. Midi skirts are so cute and I can’t wait to try this look. Shop my favorite tulle midi and pleated midi linked here!
  4. Under a vest or cardigan – I love vests & cardigans. If you have followed me for a while you probably see these all of the time! Flannels are the perfect layering pieces to go with vests and longer cardis. (Style Tip: try cuffing the plaid sleeves over the sleeves of the cardigan like this)
  5. Dressed down with black leggings: I love an over-sized flannel with black leggings. It is such a cute and casual look for those of you constantly on the go. Just throw on a pair of tennis shoes or dress it up with booties or over the knee boots and you are good to go.

As always, thanks so much for reading!

XO - Courtney B.



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