Why I love my high rise denim

High Rise Distressed Skinny JeansHigh Rise Distressed Skinny JeansHigh Rise Distressed Skinny JeansHigh Rise Distressed Skinny JeansHigh Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans

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I am so excited to finally share with you guys my favorite pair of jeans! I am sure you have noticed I wear these Levi high rise distressed jeans all of the time. When it comes to fitting jeans, I have a hard time finding brands I love. I have more of an athletic build, especially from my waist down so I have the hardest time fitting jeans for my legs and butt without them falling down on my waist. Truthfully, I have found that low rise jeans are NOT for made for me.  It wasn’t until the high waist trend started appearing everywhere that I knew these might be the perfect solution for my body. When I finally found these jeans last fall that I knew I was hooked on this style.

Every time I looked at Instagram last fall I fell more and more in love with these Levi jeans!!! I not only loved the style, but I loved the larger holes and how they paired with heels and wedges. I knew I had to take the leap and order. This was truly the first “light wash” jeans I had ever liked let alone loved and purchased so I was very skeptical. Four or five pairs light wash jeans later, I can honestly say these are my favorite.

They are super comfortable and have the perfect amount of stretch. Thankfully, I have never had the problem of them stretching out so much that they becoming loose and baggy or ever had to worry about them falling down. They also look great seriously with everything in every season.

These high rise jeans now come in seven colors, so I need help deciding which pair to go with next. What do you guys want to see styled this fall? The high rise “busted” skinny jeans in grey, white, green, or the darker denim?! P.S. I am always trying to find high waisted denim that I love as much as these, so if you run across any you LOVE please send them my way!

P.S. If you are looking for other ways to style Levi high rise jeans, check out these posts on both this blog Striped off the shoulder top and one of my favorite Instagram looks featuring my favorite “Red Tie Top

XO - Courtney B.


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