My First Month Blogging

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Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam

Black Dress //  Wedges // Jewels // Clutch //  Sunnies //

You guys!! It has officially been one month since I launched my blog .In honor of this first (little) milestone, I am going to get 100% real with you guys about it. This blog has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. However, I was always to scared to grasp it. Scared what people would think, scared to commit, even scared to fail. I worked on designing The Finishing Touch OKC for months. I spent weeks deciding if I actually wanted to publish it and I spend months trying to decide on a theme.  Honestly, I am still not 100% happy with it and that is OK! Like so many things in our lives we expect them to just happen over night. I learned quickly that this is not the case with blogging… AT ALL! It is a constant work in progress but that is what makes it so much fun!

This month has been one of the most fun of my life. It is so rewarding to get to meet and talk to so many amazing people, even if it is online. That doesn’t change how hard it can be. Who knew someone who talks so much could have trouble finding words to say. The biggest lesson I have learned this past month is you have to trust and believe in yourself. Once you can do that, you can do anything. It took me awhile but once I learned to believe in myself  and to go for it started to get easier.

This past month, I was able to find some amazing women who help encourage me and uplift me. I was also able to find groups on Facebook & pods on Instagram to help me. Most importantly for me, I  learned how amazing and supportive those in my life could be. I was so surprised when I went to those who mattered most to me with the crazy idea to start this journey and they didn’t think it was crazy at all. Without them I never would have hit publish on that first post. They truly have helped me step out of my comfort zone and to celebrate my little victories (like finally crossing that line of 400 Instagram followers).

So, for those of you thinking about giving blogging a try, I say go for it. Find those groups of women & men that will uplift you, support you, and help you to grow your dreams. Do not worry about what other people think. You have to do what makes you happy and feel alive. It took me a long time but I am so excited to be chasing my dream one word at a time. So thank you to all of those who read, like, & comment. Your support truly means the world to me!

If you have any questions about my world or how I’ve started and other lessons I have learned please ask. I would love to hear from and get to know you , my readers.XO - Courtney B.



15 thoughts on “My First Month Blogging

  1. First, your outfit is SO cute – makes me excited for warm weather!! Second, congrats on making it 1 month! I started my blog in mid-September, and it’s a TON of hard work (especially leading up to the launch – so intimidating!) but so worth it if you truly love it. I was so happy to find so many supportive social media groups, too!


  2. Good for you, you’ve accomplished way more than I have and I started in November and I literally get no support from my friends or family (may be one) hahaha – you’re doing awesome and I love your posts. Keep up the great work, you’re clearly destined for success.

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