Relax & Unwind Using These 4 Things

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Lately, I fee l like I have been living for the weekends. With the stresses of work picking up and obligations the past couple of weeks it seems like I haven’t found the time to unwind. I am a full believer that your mental health + wellness is just as important as your physical but for me it’s almost harder to do. It can be hard to find the time to just do nothing, to put away your phone, cancel your plans, & just take time for YOU. So I challenged myself to spend one night this weekend before heading to Tulsa to do just that. Here are the 4 things I am using to unwind this weekend.

#1 doTERRA’s Spa Collection

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Let me start by saying I love essential oils. They are the perfect way to balance your emotions and unwind after a stressful day or week. I was given a diffuser a year or so ago and I love it. I use Essential Oils and my diffuser daily for everything from making my house smell good, to cleaning, and even to fight off colds (Pinterest has a ton of great suggestions for these).

That is why I am in love with this spa collection. My first step to unwinding is always taking a long, warm bath with lots of bubbles. Surprisingly this body wash is one of my go to bubble baths. The scents are calming and make me feel relaxed and refreshed. I have very dry skin this time of year so the coconut oil in the body wash leaves me feeling clean and hydrated without making it feel dry and irritated.

I also love a good sugar scrub. It makes it so simple to pamper yourself and to get out feeling rejuvenated. This is one of my favorite products to use to unwind and destress. The citrus scents make me feel clean and the natural sugar helps to exfoliate and rehydrate my tired skin.

My favorite piece of the spa collection I use is the body butter. There is no better way to unwind than with a warm bath followed by this amazing lotion. The scents are combined to help balance your emotions and the oils in the butter help create a lasting moisturizer.It is the perfect way to feel calm and pampered.

#2  Candles

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Candles can be a great to help you relax and unwind. I love finding scents to fit my mood or the season. There is something soothing about having a candle burning. I love turning off the lights and lighting a candle when I am laying in bed or taking a bath to help me destress and unwind my mind without all of the harsh lights. On of my all time favorite candle companies is Tyler. If you haven’t tried Tyler Candles you have to. They are perfect to add to your home decor, especially with this adorable lid & there are so many amazing and “homey” scents. The other great thing about these candles is how long they last. I love when you can find a candle that lasts more than a few lights.

#3 PJs

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If you are trying to relax and unwind, PJs are a must. One of the best things in life is putting on  something comfortable to tell your mind it is okay to destress. There is something strangely relaxing about putting on a pair of your favorite pajamas. My favorites are these Victoria Secret silk pajamas (Similar linked here). They are so comfortable and the second I put them on I am ready to curl up in bed and relax. I have also found some of the cutest pairs at Target and Nordstrom.

#4  Books & Movies

One of my favorite ways to unwind after a long week is to lay in bed with a good book or my favorite Romantic movie. I tend to lean on movies and books when I have had a stressful week or am upset. It is a great way to tune out the world around you even if it is just for a couple of hours. (Of course my go to books and movies are always the Nicholas Sparks ones (anyone else?). They are always amazing.)

If you are looking to unwind this week or weekend, grab your bubble bath & sugar scrub, light your favorite candle, lay back and relax. It is as easy as that. Just try to cut out distractions and let yourself have a few moments of peace. Your body and mind will thank you!

Have a good weekend babes!

XO –



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